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my tooth filling contains mercury

drove in two different cars to borders today. haha neither chartruese nor i can park (remember chickadees its either/or and neither/nor!). she took pictues of ducklings and i scared them away. next i was the man on the Xing sign *chuckle*. last i was in a dumpster. dont ask questions, simply nod ur head and smile.
:( only .5 of a point better than thomas in art history today (dammit! im losing my cool) thats still a D. but whoooo caressss?? not meEE!!
my mother is freaking about prom. she wants to go dress shopping so badLY. everytime she sees me i see the *glint in her eyes. thank god shes gone for the next week. yes mom! we do like living in a pig stye!
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