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ill never talk to you again

it doesnt feel like november. oct and november went by sooo quickly. its already the 17th!!! september was the longest year of my life it seems like. i do love this weather, i cant stop giggling today. at ric's house during lunch i must have looked like a bafoon i laughed at everything. not that i dont look like a baboon all the time... my mother comes home tonight. i feel bad for her she was out of town when my sister "became a woman". my mother and i dont have a close relationship at all, and i know she cant stand that she has missed out on so much of my own growing up because i dont tell her anything. i dont feel bad about that (i mean, love me or not, thats who i am) but i do feel bad that she missed this for hannah, its her only girl to impart some of her motherly fantasies on. and i know hannah is ready and willing to be part of those dreams. i, on the other hand, have other fish to fry.
(-fish+steak=gailie having a fabulous weekend)
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