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friday: fREakIng out. everyone was probably getting sick of me. they stay in the car while i walk the eternity out there. he didnt kiss me and meeting tim was wierd. abby and benji didnt hit it off. surprise surprise. pizza was semi awkward, my dad is weird. my boys helped my dad take apart the boat. they thought they were buff. i laughed and crossed my legs. mMmMm blockbuster.... bowling i can barely remember. i feel like i was on 0o0o0o0o the entire weekend my memories are swirling in my head like none other. we did get kicked out tho. how funny. sorry benji for the arbouritom but it had to be done. 30 days is 30 too many. david ahd blue hair and i was smooth as sin, was i not beth?? amber belched adn stayed WAYEAYAYEYEYAAYYAY past ehr welcome. love her that i do
saturday: eUpHORic morning at psats. "drove" david home on his bike. bengamin and kevin got thier tire everyone was happy. 100 mile drive to and from vacaville, iceskating fun holding hands w/ everyone. beth you are the sweetest~!~!` got kicked out of there too. kevin threw a snowall. miniature pictures will help me never forget. why is my nose so pointY??? (and im starting to think my teeth really are ugly and not at all perfect) corn maze was NOT freaky but it was cute the way kevin held on to me like a child. lotr time: we cuddled and benji pretended to sleep.
sunday: ihop-thomas. we went to central park and watched the hobos gather. that was strange, so was our little intrigue in the car... que? :~) i slept so i didn thave to think about them driving further and further away from me. i hate annaka... bring it bitch.
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