abigailm (abbystupid) wrote,


chauffering myself home from SAT in the van of my youth (please please, let it only be the van of the first month of my license). while innocently pulling to a slow stop at a red light and periodically changing the radio dials not really expecting anything of my own tastes since the light that usually guides me is insufficiently blank forever and ever (amen). a slinster-green-type-of-car-that-i-do-not-know-because-i-do-not-care-one-stitch-about-cars-as-long-as-they-are-not-blue-paintchipped-boxes-that-squeak rolls consequently past me. i do a double take. what is that i see? purple hair? a white face? a green with large polka dots shirt? a CLoWn?!????!??~!~!~? i pondered that for 2.6 seconds then i pulled forward at the cue and chewed on a fake bovine cheese covered heaven
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