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crazy advenny's of bobby's girl

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  2003.12.08  19.04
very very grr

so i had a very emotional and out of whack lj all about my weekend but it wouldnt post so im not even gonna bother trying to rewrite it cause... well im not feeling emotional well sorta but that isnt the point. the point is that my weekend sucked. abby and beth faught while i watched ric try on suits. sat alysjune died. sun i faught with kevin and cried. annika was going to his house. why does he do this to me. he throws her in my face on purpose but somehow makes me feel quilty about being weirded about it. well whatcha gonna do? life blows. im seirous. its one big dick lick after another.

Mood: lonely

  2003.12.01  16.00
darest i?

rain :) rain :) rain :) rain :)

yay! mario and i are bonafied mechanics!! the hoods were both broken and sparks were flying while the rain poured everywhere... but we succeeded! peppermint cocoa is the best. so prom glow has officially started for me. lotta back but no chest. sorry its genetics, i cant do anything about it. oh vell...


  2003.11.29  22.21
Burtonboy231 (10:04:56 PM): she was always too much to handle

ready for the funniest news ever??! i guess not funny, and not really news. jsut info that should make me sad and want to cry but really only makes me giggle. anyvays... david cheated on me when we were going out. i know, i know. it doesnt sound funny but really it is. if you only knew him, if you only knew me! i should be angry and upset and want to cut off his balls but all i can do is dry heave w/ laughter that HE made out w/ some girl at his jewish camp in june

Mood: giggly

  2003.11.27  16.44
fuck turkey

why the hell is she so goddamn annoying?? i hate kate jensen. i hate her. more than anything. the most pretencious and gross blonde 20yrold in the world. ian is dumb too. he keeps making obnoxious comments. hes cute as fuck tho. oh well lets see how the night goes. sara and chris???? wtf????


  2003.11.26  22.50
kevin likes cinnamon. but the cookies were gross

You are Cinnamon.
You are fiery and passionate. You pour your heart
into everything you do, and you don't stop when
you set your mind to something. You let people
know exactly what's on your mind. However,
your friends are sometimes put off by your
intense drive and fiery personality.
Most Compatible With: Spearmint

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  2003.11.23  12.47
Don't waste your time. on me. you're already. a voice inside my head.

yuck yuck yuck. boys are dumb. no they arent. if u want to know the basics of the weekend 'o fun they read middlesis1987's lj i dotn feel like explaning. but if u want the inside scoop of it all they send me a $50 check in the mail and i will spill. cause i have no money. i make $300 a month yet i seem to have less cash than when i didnt have a job. my mom is being mean, make her go away. i miss him. i miss beth. i miss abby. i miss eric. someone call me

Mood: distressed

  2003.11.17  17.18
ill never talk to you again

it doesnt feel like november. oct and november went by sooo quickly. its already the 17th!!! september was the longest year of my life it seems like. i do love this weather, i cant stop giggling today. at ric's house during lunch i must have looked like a bafoon i laughed at everything. not that i dont look like a baboon all the time... my mother comes home tonight. i feel bad for her she was out of town when my sister "became a woman". my mother and i dont have a close relationship at all, and i know she cant stand that she has missed out on so much of my own growing up because i dont tell her anything. i dont feel bad about that (i mean, love me or not, thats who i am) but i do feel bad that she missed this for hannah, its her only girl to impart some of her motherly fantasies on. and i know hannah is ready and willing to be part of those dreams. i, on the other hand, have other fish to fry.
(-fish+steak=gailie having a fabulous weekend)

Mood: giggly

  2003.11.13  15.58
my tooth filling contains mercury

drove in two different cars to borders today. haha neither chartruese nor i can park (remember chickadees its either/or and neither/nor!). she took pictues of ducklings and i scared them away. next i was the man on the Xing sign *chuckle*. last i was in a dumpster. dont ask questions, simply nod ur head and smile.
:( only .5 of a point better than thomas in art history today (dammit! im losing my cool) thats still a D. but whoooo caressss?? not meEE!!
my mother is freaking about prom. she wants to go dress shopping so badLY. everytime she sees me i see the *glint in her eyes. thank god shes gone for the next week. yes mom! we do like living in a pig stye!

Mood: giggly

  2003.11.12  16.12
manic... so very manic

i command you to fill in the blanks!!

I _____ abby
abby is ____.
I think abby should _____.
abby needs _____.
I want to ____ abby.
abby can ____ my ____.
Someday abby will _____.
abby reminds me of _____.
Without abby _____.
abby can be _____.
Meeting abby is _____.
Worst thing about abby is _____.
Best thing about abby is _____.
I am ________ abby.

~ :( although only middlesis and airique will ~

Mood: horny

  2003.11.06  20.49
its for lucky

went running with ma favorite amie bet today. swinging actually. laughing actually. missing 9th grade actually. i honestly dont know how i got where i am today. its like i started watching a movie 1/4 into it and i need some major explaining of what has happened thus far.
where the hell did kevin come from?
where have all those supposed friends from last year gone?
why am i in a math class i cant breathe in?
where did those extra 10 come from?

oh well

Mood: exanimate

  2003.11.04  15.28
a franc for your thoughts...

"You must remember this, a kiss is still a
kiss". Your romance is Casablanca. A
classic story of love in trying times, chock
full of both cynicism and hope. You obviously
believe in true love, but you're also
constantly aware of practicality and societal
expectations. That's not always fun, but at
least it's realistic. Try not to let the Nazis
get you down too much.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
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"...in america theyre worth only a penny, i guess thats all theyre worth"
"im willing to be overcharged..."
"i was wondering why i should be so lucky to find you waiting for me here..."
"...while there is no other man in my life? thats easy... there was"


Mood: hopeful

  2003.11.02  16.33
forgive me this sin

this chill breeze and sky without sun always makes me weary, i have no motivation when the weather is this perfect. roosevelt should be my only motivation but alas... my mind is stuck on a subject that really should have disappeared by now. i cant help it. am i a bad person for loving one boy and feeling guilty about "the speed" of another? i wish i could figure this out on my own

Mood: drained

  2003.10.29  21.26
Pedro the lion

1. Are you male or female: "Suspect Fled The Scene"

2. Describe yourself: "I Am Always The One Who Calls"

3. How do some people feel about you?: "When They Really Get To Know You They Will Run"

4. How do you feel about yourself?: "A Mind Of Her Own"

5. Describe an old girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: "Lullaby"

6. Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: "Penetration"

7. Where are you?: "April 6, 2039"

8. Where would you rather be?: "The Longest Winter"

9. Describe what you want to be: "Be Thou My Vision"

10. Describe how you live: "Eye On The Finish Line"

11. Describe how you love: "The Longer I Lay Here"

12. Share a few words of wisdom: "then the longest winter is on her way you called her without knowing it
and now it's too late"

Mood: cheerful

  2003.10.29  14.05
something to do with nothing

business law is fun. we go on the computers and pretend to listen to her talk about courts. i was funny in us history today. everyone laughed. i felt cool for oncce. theres no tap tonight i might go running. i dont want to work on roosevelt, i met someone who had lunch w/ his wife. the teacher is back gtg

Mood: frustrated

  2003.10.26  20.54
head above water

have you ever sat in a chair and just completely forgotten everything? then you come back to yourself like 5 minutes later and have no idea whats going on? im doing that all the time lately. im dizzy alot too. i think i have cancer. i went to sanfran today, deliciously different people surrounding me making me feel like a child. i am a child. and im scared out of my mind. kevin and i were talking on friday and he goes "is this tense? im feeling tension..." i only talked to him for a half hour yesterday and i want to cry. im becoming dependant. and if you know me at all you know that that is not me. i have never wanted to be loved so much in my life

Mood: discontent

  2003.10.19  22.36

friday: fREakIng out. everyone was probably getting sick of me. they stay in the car while i walk the eternity out there. he didnt kiss me and meeting tim was wierd. abby and benji didnt hit it off. surprise surprise. pizza was semi awkward, my dad is weird. my boys helped my dad take apart the boat. they thought they were buff. i laughed and crossed my legs. mMmMm blockbuster.... bowling i can barely remember. i feel like i was on 0o0o0o0o the entire weekend my memories are swirling in my head like none other. we did get kicked out tho. how funny. sorry benji for the arbouritom but it had to be done. 30 days is 30 too many. david ahd blue hair and i was smooth as sin, was i not beth?? amber belched adn stayed WAYEAYAYEYEYAAYYAY past ehr welcome. love her that i do
saturday: eUpHORic morning at psats. "drove" david home on his bike. bengamin and kevin got thier tire everyone was happy. 100 mile drive to and from vacaville, iceskating fun holding hands w/ everyone. beth you are the sweetest~!~!` got kicked out of there too. kevin threw a snowall. miniature pictures will help me never forget. why is my nose so pointY??? (and im starting to think my teeth really are ugly and not at all perfect) corn maze was NOT freaky but it was cute the way kevin held on to me like a child. lotr time: we cuddled and benji pretended to sleep.
sunday: ihop-thomas. we went to central park and watched the hobos gather. that was strange, so was our little intrigue in the car... que? :~) i slept so i didn thave to think about them driving further and further away from me. i hate annaka... bring it bitch.

Mood: (yet still so haapy)

  2003.10.15  17.19
you call that honors??

30 minutes- reading chapters 30-32 (2 chapters??!! are u kidding me?!?! oviously not...)
15 minutes- discussing Jim in a voice that should be reserved for when talking to the deaf
10 minutes- sitting talking to my non-existant friends (which mostly means calming down the voices in my head that are telling me to smack her in the face then jump out the window) watching the hands of the clock slowly make their journey to 8:35

Mood: anxious

  2003.10.14  15.25

chauffering myself home from SAT in the van of my youth (please please, let it only be the van of the first month of my license). while innocently pulling to a slow stop at a red light and periodically changing the radio dials not really expecting anything of my own tastes since the light that usually guides me is insufficiently blank forever and ever (amen). a slinster-green-type-of-car-that-i-do-not-know-because-i-do-not-care-one-stitch-about-cars-as-long-as-they-are-not-blue-paintchipped-boxes-that-squeak rolls consequently past me. i do a double take. what is that i see? purple hair? a white face? a green with large polka dots shirt? a CLoWn?!????!??~!~!~? i pondered that for 2.6 seconds then i pulled forward at the cue and chewed on a fake bovine cheese covered heaven


  2003.10.13  18.03
monday mornings

i have decided that the normal day should only start until after the sun has fully risen (??is that the right word?). i was so completely confused when i woke up this morning i thought it was chirstmas break or a holiday or SoMeThiNG. but w/e kevins commmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg


  2003.10.07  20.38
i dispise

[10 Bands/Artists you've seen live]
1. amery idy 1 & 2
2. goo goo dolls
3. default
4. sir mix alot
5. sum 41
6. saliva
7. green day
8. blink 182 X 2
9. bob dylan
10. rhcp (hopefull next sat)

[09 Things you're looking forward to]
1. 6 months
2. the 17th!!!!!!!!!!
3. xmas in palm springs
4. college
5. shopping in san fran
6. europe w/ ma mere
7. college
8. being a rich lawyer
9. never seeing dhs again

[08 Things You Wear Daily]
1. skirts
2. shirt
3. socks
4. shoes
5. my gross hemp bracelet
6. jeans
7. bra and panties
8. a bad disposition

[07 Things That Piss You Off]
1. girls
2. kevin in la
3. my friends
4. english
5. my straight hair
6. cold feet
7. my mother

[06 Things You Touch Every Day]
1. my keys
2. my clothes
3. myself
4. kevin if he was here
5. my bed
6. books

[05 Things You Do Every Day]
1. sing
2. drive
3. laugh
4. think of kevin
5. cleanse

[04 People You'd Want to Spend More Time or Hang out With]
1. kevin
2. amber
3. travis bennington
4. emily

[03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over]
1. nightmare before christmas
2. you got mail/sleepless in seattle
3. twister

[02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment]
1. oOoh(first song on john mayer's cd)~john mayer
2. hows it gonna be~third eye blind

[01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With]
1. kevin at the moment... well see

Mood: disappointed

  2003.10.06  16.27
really fun things

1)shwans waffles
3)88% in history
4)hip tips
5)swedish ihop pancakes
6)text messages
7)missing 1/2 of math
8)leaving business law 1/2way
9)scary janitor guy (whos actually nice)
10)the ataris
11)really umunguso big nice HR man
12)beth driving (hehe)
13)text messages
14)good humor strawberry shortcake bars
15)foxtrot (how u suck me in 'o great Amends)
and finally...
16)the 17th of october

Mood: jubilant

  2003.10.04  14.34

thats cool. w/e. wrap my paintchipped minivan in caution tape. and although i am stupid im not enough to not know who did it. you losers. spending ur friday night leaving one roll of toilet paper outside my front door. all i can say is i pity the fools who wasted their night. arG

Mood: listless

  2003.09.30  22.04
im his buttercup!!!!!~!~!~!

you all missed it. well not all, but most. only a few got to witness the most amazing weekend ever!! so what if yall were awkward he is my love and i had a fantastico time. mr.g asked if i was inlove yesterdya. a little scary when ur calc teacher picks up on shit like that. anyvays... yea..i have nothing other to say if its not about kevinn, sorry its true

Mood: colacious

  2003.09.10  17.58
and so it begins...

it is now time to enter my world of girls that live in permanent icy wonderland's, ice skaters and all. i wish i could bring my mouth to say i loathe them but alas... my guilty wednesday pleasure has returned again. *tear* i think my love is dying, but i kept his bowl so clean!

Mood: anxious

  2003.09.08  15.31
friday nights

my oh my what a night (this entry is about 3 days off oops!). night o' fun for all. airique so sorry for having a bitch family, collin so sorry for being dumb and not getting to stop by ur party, kevin so sorry for going to david's and abby NoT sorry for the absolute best night ever!! btw my cuz sent me a really ugly bag for my bday. it makes me want to cry

Mood: indescribable

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